Time is the Simplest Thing


Time is the Simplest Thing is a science fiction novel by Clifford D. Simak, first published in 1961. The story combines paranormal abilities with themes of space and time travel. The underlying theme is intolerance of ordinary people towards those with unusual abilities.The novel is notable for long passages meditating on power, fear, and prejudice in people. The protagonist finds himself caught between people pursuing commercial power, some exploiting fear and anger for personal reasons, and others attempting to overthrow what they regard as evil institutions in the name of a greater good, but using questionable methods. There is a discussion with a Catholic priest on the nature of superstition, good, and evil. In the end the hero must create a new path for some to follow to escape persecution, while leaving the rest of humanity to deal with the world they have created. Time is the Simplest Thing was nominated, under its original title The Fisherman, for the 1962 Hugo Award for Best Novel, which was won by Stranger in a Strange Land.
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original title: Time is the Simplest Thing, The Fisherman
language: English
date of publication: 1961
genre: science fiction novel


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