The Fateful Triangle

The United States, Israel and the Palestinians
first publication date:  1983
original title:  The Fateful Triangle
original language:  English
narrative location:  Israel
followed by:  Manufacturing Consent

The Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel and the Palestinians is a 1983 book by Noam Chomsky about the relationship between the US, Israel and the Palestinians. Chomsky examines the origins of this relationship and its meaningful consequences for the Palestinians and other Arabs. The book mainly concentrates on the 1982 Lebanon War and the "pro-Zionist bias" of most US media and intellectuals, as Chomsky puts it. The book was updated in 1999 and contains three new chapters, drawing upon material from Z Magazine and other publications. New developments that have been incorporated include the First Intifada, the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, and the ongoing peace process. Edward Said, who also contributed the new foreword, said, "Chomsky's major claim is that Israel and the United States – especially the latter – are rejectionists opposed to peace, whereas the Arabs, including the PLO, for years have been trying to accommodate themselves to the reality of Israel." Source: Wikipedia (en)

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