The Train Was on Time


The Train Was on Time (German: Der Zug war pünktlich) is a novel by German author Heinrich Böll. Published by Friedrich Middelhauve Verlag in Cologne in 1949, the book is about a German soldier, Andreas, taking a train to Przemyśl in Poland. It was translated into English by Leila Vennewitz. The story addresses the experience of German soldiers during the Second World War on the Eastern Front, where fighting was particularly vicious and unforgiving. Böll had explored the same issue in A Soldier's Legacy, which was written in 1948 but published later. The Train Was on Time was his first published novel. Theodore Ziolkowski called it "an artistic tour de force.
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original title: Der Zug war pünktlich
language: German
date of publication: 1949
inspired by: Flight to Arras
genre: Erzählung
movement: Trümmerliteratur
main subject: World War II
narrative location: Central Europe


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