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The Housekeeper and the Professor


The Housekeeper and the Professor (博士の愛した数式, hakase no ai shita suushiki) (literally "The Professor's Beloved Equation") is a novel by Yōko Ogawa set in modern-day Japan. It was published in August 2003, by Shinchosha and was the first recipient of the Hon'ya Taisho award (Japan Booksellers Award).The story centers around a mathematician, "the Professor," who suffered brain damage in a traffic accident in 1975 and since then can produce only 80 minutes' worth of memories, and his interactions with a housekeeper (the narrator) and her son "Root" as the Professor shares the beauty of equations with them. The novel received the Hon'ya Taisho award, was adapted into a film version in January 2006, and after being published in paperback in December 2005, sold one million copies in two months, faster than any other Shinchosha paperback.The novel's bibliography lists the book The Man Who Loved Only Numbers, a biography of the mathematician Paul Erdős. It has been said that Erdős was used as a model for the Professor. In 2009, the English translation by Stephen Snyder The Housekeeper and the Professor, was published.
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original title: 博士の愛した数式
language: Japanese
date of publication: 2003
genre: novel, xiaoshuo

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