Takahashi Ujibumi


Takahashi Ujibumi (高橋氏文) is a historical clan record of the Takahashi clan. It served as an appeal for court arbitration between two fighting clans. The author(s) is unknown, but the contents suggest that it was composed prior to 789. The text only survives today in fragments quoted in other texts such as Honchō Gatsuryō (本朝月令, c. 930-946), Seiji Yōryaku (政事要略, 1002), and Nenjū Gyōji Hishō (年中行事秘抄). Both the Takahashi and Azumi clans served in the Royal Table Office. Conflict between the two clans erupted with many conflicts occurring after 716. Seeking arbitration and a resolution to the conflict, both clans submitted their clan records to the imperial court. This is the Takahashi record; the Azumi clan record is unknown.
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language: Kanbun
genre: 家伝


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