Laura Leiner

1985 -
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country of citizenship:  Hungary
languages spoken, written or signed:  Hungarian
occupation:  writer

Laura Leiner (born 22 April 1985) is a Hungarian writer who made her publishing debut in 2005. Her most notable work is the series A Szent Johanna gimi (Joan of Arc High School), that she later clarified is fictitious and not based on her own life.The first part of Szent Johanna Gimi was released at the Book Festival of Hungary in 2010. Two parts of the series were on the list of Libri's Gold Books in 2011 and one in 2010 She was the number one writer in Bookline's list of March 2012.Her books are written from the point of view of her readers' age group. The series has a cult following in Hungary. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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