Marcian of Heraclea

Ancient Greek geographer

399   -   499

native language: Ancient Greek
language of expression: Ancient Greek
occupation: geographer

Ebooks: on Wikisource

Marcian of Heraclea (Greek: Μαρκιανὸς Ἡρακλεώτης, Markianòs Hērakleṓtēs; Latin: Marcianus Heracleënsis; fl. c. 4th century AD) was a minor Greek geographer from Heraclea Pontica in Late Antiquity.His known works are: A Periplus of the Outer Sea. It mentions places from the Atlantic ocean to China. An epitome of Menippus of Pergamon. An epitome of Artemidorus Ephesius:Artemidorus and Menippus both likely wrote around the 1st century CE. Only little survives of the epitomes, through citations in the work of Stephanus of Byzantium, but in the case of Menippus there is also some manuscript material. From it, it seems Marcian had not improved much upon Menippus. Early in its publication history, the work of Pseudo-Scymnus had been attributed to Marcian. Apart from his writings, philologists believe that an annotated collection Marcian made of his sources in geography formed the basis of today's extant manuscripts of these earlier works.
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