Alastair G. W. Cameron

Canadian astrophysicist

1925   -   2005

country of citizenship: Canada, United States of America
educated at: University of Saskatchewan
occupation: physicist, astronomer, astrophysicist, university teacher, nuclear physicist
award received: Petrie Prize Lecture, Hans A. Bethe Prize, Henry Norris Russell Lectureship, J. Lawrence Smith Medal, Fellow of the American Physical Society, Harry H. Hess Medal

Alastair G. W. (Graham Walter) Cameron (21 June 1925 – 3 October 2005) was an American-Canadian astrophysicist and space scientist who was an eminent staff member of the Astronomy department of Harvard University. He was one of the founders of the field of nuclear astrophysics, advanced the theory that the Moon was created by the giant impact of a Mars-sized object with the early Earth, and was an early adopter of computer technology in astrophysics.
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