Inside, Outside


Inside, Outside is a 1985 Herman Wouk novel telling the story of four generations of a Russian Jewish family and its travails in Russia and America. The book is a first person (and somewhat autobiographical) narrative told from the viewpoint of Israel David Goodkind, the third of the four generations in the book. Goodkind works in a minor bureaucratic post in the White House between March and October 1973; his insignificance gives him time to write his memoirs (the book itself, told as though Goodkind wrote it) while his position gives him opportunities to come face to face with the harried president Richard Nixon. Nixon never is named in the book, but there can be no doubt as to his identity. The narrative refers explicitly to the Watergate scandal, as an event contemporaneous with Goodkind's employment in the White House.
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original title: "Inside, Outside"
language: English
date of publication: 1985
genre: historical novel


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