Japan Sinks


Japan Sinks (Japanese: 日本沈没, Hepburn: Nippon Chinbotsu) is a disaster novel by Japanese writer Sakyo Komatsu, published in 1973. Komatsu took nine years to complete the work. It was published in two volumes, both released at the same time. The novel received the 27th Mystery Writers of Japan Award and the Seiun Award for a Japanese novel-length work. The English translation was first published in 1975. In 1995, after the Osaka-Kobe earthquake, a second English edition (ISBN 4-7700-2039-2) was published. The English translation is heavily abridged. In 2006, a sequel to the novel, co-authored with Kōshū Tani, was published. The novel has led to works in other media as well as a sequel: a film based on the novel made in the same year directed by Shiro Moritani, a television show by TBS and Toho broadcast in 1974–75, a film remake in 2006 by Shinji Higuchi, and an original net anime series on Netflix by Science SARU in July 2020.
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original title: 日本沈没
language: Japanese
date of publication: 1973
genre: thriller, science fiction novel


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