The Legend of the Ice People

original language:  Norwegian

The Legend of the Ice People (in Norwegian language Sagan om Isfolket) is a 47-volume story of a family bloodline, first published in 1982. The author of the series is Margit Sandemo. The novels are predominantly based in Scandinavia and focus on historical fact, but contain some fantastical elements. The first volume was released 1982, and the series became one of the best-selling series of novels in Scandinavia, with more than 39 million copies sold.The series was originally written in Swedish, but has been translated into over eight languages including Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Icelandic, Russian, Hungarian and English. The book series consists of three parts where The Legend of the Ice People is part one. Part two is a spin-off series placed in the years between 1600 and 1700. It is also a prequel to book 31 The Ferry Man. (Swedish original title; Färjkarlen) Here we learn the background story of the mystical medallions that the characters Benedikte and Sander finds. This second series is called Häxmästaren in Swedish and translates to The Warlock. The scenery throughout the second series is mostly placed on Iceland, and in Norway, Sweden and Austria. It consists of 15 books, and other connections to The Legend of the Ice People are the spirits and souls of mostly Sol and Tengel the good. They come in later on in the series to help the Islandic warlock and his family. The last part of the series is called Legenden om ljusets rike, which translates to The Legend of the Kingdom of Light. It is made of 20 books and merges the two series together, being a sequel to both series. It starts at the same moment and scene where The witch master ends in a cliffhanger. The story then flash forward to the 1990s, approximately 20–30 years after The Legend of the Ice People ends. The story follows the characters from the last couple of The Legend of the Ice People books, as well as their families. Some of them are Marco, Ellen, Nathaniel, and Gabriel and their children who befriend the children of the Warlock's family. The third part of the series is somewhat different. It leans more heavily into the fantasy genre than other books in the series, and it also has elements of science fiction. It mostly take place inside the Earth's crust. There is a secret kingdom in the core where time goes 12 times slower than on the surface of the Earth and where the physical body stop aging. The story has two major antagonists. One is the main source of the black water that Tengel from The Legend of the Ice People got his power from. The other is pollution and human society's destruction of the earth. The heroes try to save the Earth before it is too late and all animals and plants go extinct. The series ends in the future in the year 2080. The complete Legend of the Ice people-series with 82 books. Part 1. The Legend of the Ice People Original title; Sagan om Isfolket. 47 books. Part 2. The Warlock. Original title; Häxmästaren. 15 books. Part 3. The Legend of the Kingdom of Light. Original title; Legenden om ljusets rike. 20 books. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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