The Indiscreet Jewels cover

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The Indiscreet Jewels


The Indiscreet Jewels ( or The Indiscreet Toys, or The Talking Jewels, French: Les bijoux indiscrets) is the first novel by Denis Diderot, published anonymously in 1748. It is an allegory that portrays Louis XV as the sultan Mangogul of the Congo who owns a magic ring that makes women's genitals ("jewels") talk. The character of Mirzoza is a parable of Madame de Pompadour. Diderot portrayed Pompadour in a flattering light in The Indiscreet Jewels, most likely to ensure her support for his Encyclopedie.
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original title: Les Bijoux indiscrets
language: French
date of publication: 1748
genre: libertine novel, erotic novel, roman à clef
main subject: Vagina loquens


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