Tha'ālibī cover

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Muslim philosopher

960   -   1038

country of citizenship: Iran
language of expression: Arabic
occupation: poet, linguist, writer

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Abū Manşūr al-Tha'ālibī, Abd al-Mālik ibn Muḥammad ibn Ismā’īl (أبو منصور الثعالبي، عبد الملك بن محمد بن إسماعيل), (961–1038), was a writer of Persian or Arab ethnicity, native of Nishapur, Persia, famous for his anthologies and collections of epigrams. As a writer of prose and verse in his own right, distinction between his and the work of others is sometimes lacking, as was the practice of writers of the time.
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سقياً لدهرِ سُرُوري

poem written by Tha'ālibī

author: Tha'ālibī

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