Daniele Ganser cover

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Daniele Ganser

Swiss historian and writer

1972   -  

country of citizenship: Switzerland
language of expression: Swiss German, English, French, Italian
educated at: University of Basel, University of Amsterdam, Rudolf Steiner School, Gymnasium Leonhard
occupation: historian of the modern age, writer, non-fiction writer, conspiracy theorist, peace activist, lecturer
award received: IQ Award, Mind Award

Daniele Ganser (born August 29, 1972 in Lugano) is a Swiss historian. He became known in Europe with his 2005 book NATO's Secret Armies, an adaption of his 2001 dissertation. Since then he has published, among other things, on open and covert military actions of NATO countries, which he describes as being contrary to international law, as well as on the global maximum production of crude oil. He picks up on various conspiracy theories, especially on 9/11 and presents them as explanatory approaches still to be examined by scientists. Since September 2019, he holds that the Hulsey study has scientifically proven that only a controlled demolition by explosives can explain the destruction of World Trade Center 7.
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NATO’s Secret Armies

Monograph / doctoral thesis by Daniele Ganser

author: Daniele Ganser


Europa im Erdölrausch

Sachbuch / Monografie von Daniele Ganser

author: Daniele Ganser


The illegal wars of NATO

book by Daniele Ganser

author: Daniele Ganser

2017 or 2016

Reckless gamble

non-fiction book by Daniele Ganser

author: Daniele Ganser


The USA Empire

monograph by Daniele Ganser

author: Daniele Ganser


Europa im Erdölrausch

author: Daniele Ganser

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