Here There Be Tygers


"Here There Be Tygers" is a short horror story by Stephen King. It was originally published in the Spring 1968 issue of Ubris magazine, and collected in King's Skeleton Crew in 1985. This story is extremely short, and written from the perspective of a boy who believes a tiger is lurking in his school bathroom.The title references the phrases used by medieval cartographers when they put warnings on unexplored portions of their maps. The phrase was also used in King's later story "The Reploids." In the film version of King's novel The Dark Half, the story Thad's mother looks at is a copy of this story. As Stephen King noted in the foreword to Skeleton Crew, this is one of the first stories King ever wrote. It was written when King was a high school student.
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language: American English
genre: horror short story
published in: Skeleton Crew
follows: The Mist
followed by: The Monkey

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