Book of Chen


The Book of Chen or Chen Shu (Chén Shū) was the official history of the Chen dynasty, one of the Southern Dynasties of China. It ranks among the official Twenty-Four Histories of imperial China, and was compiled by the Tang dynasty historian Yao Silian, completed in 636. Similar to Book of Liang, it heavily relied on Yao Silian's father Yao Cha's original manuscript. The book is one of the more complete extant records of the Chen dynasty. However, it has been criticised for attempting to cover up the wrongdoings of the royal family. A commentary by the Tang prime minister Wei Zheng, which is also included in the book, contradicts some of the claims made in the book.
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part of: Twenty-Four Histories
date of publication: 635
genre: jizhuanti, dynastic history
main subject: Chen dynasty

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