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Book of Concord


The Book of Concord (1580) or Concordia (often referred to as the Lutheran Confessions) is the historic doctrinal standard of the Lutheran Church, consisting of ten credal documents recognized as authoritative in Lutheranism since the 16th century. They are also known as the symbolical books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.The Book of Concord was published in German on June 25, 1580 in Dresden, the fiftieth anniversary of the presentation of the Augsburg Confession to Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Augsburg. The authoritative Latin edition was published in 1584 in Leipzig.Those who accept it as their doctrinal standard recognize it to be a faithful exposition of the Bible. The Holy Scriptures are set forth in The Book of Concord to be the sole, divine source and norm of all Christian doctrine.
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original title: Concordia
subtitle: Chriſtliche, Widerholete einmütige Bekentnuͤs nachbenanter Churfuͤrſten, Fuͤrsten vnd Stende Augſpurgiſcher Confeſſion, vnd derſelben Theologen Lere vnd glaubens: Mit angeheffter, in Gottes wort, als der einigen Richtſchnur, wohlgegruͤndter erklerung etlicher Artickel, bey welchen nach D. Martin Luthers ſeligen abſterben, diſputation vnd ſtreit vorgefallen. Aus einhelliger Vergleichung vnd beuehl obgedachter Churfuͤrſten, Fuͤrsten vñ Stenden, derſelben Landen, Kirchen, Schulen vnd Nachkommen, zum vnderricht vnd warnung in Druck vorfertiget
language: German
date of publication: 1580
main subject: Lutheranism


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