Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize


The Fukuoka Prize (福岡アジア文化賞, Fukuoka Ajia Bunkashō) is an award established by the city of Fukuoka and the Fukuoka City International Foundation (formerly The Yokatopia Foundation) to honor the outstanding work of individuals or organizations in preserving or creating Asian culture. There are three prize categories: Grand Prize, Academic Prize, and Arts and Culture Prize. In 1989, Fukuoka held the Asia-Pacific Exposition (referred to as "Yokatopia") with the concept of interaction between the Asia-Pacific region. The prize program was inaugurated in the following year to carry on the spirit of the Expo, and ever since then, the prizes have been given annually and the related official events including the award ceremony and the public forums by the prize winners have been held in every September, also known as "Asian Party" in Fukuoka. In 1999, the school visits were added into the program to give a special lecture to children by the prize winners.
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