Guillaume Faye cover

photo credits: CC-BY-SA-3.0

Guillaume Faye

French political activist and essayist

1949   -   2019

movement: Nouvelle Droite
country of citizenship: France
native language: French
educated at: Sciences Po, Pantheon-Sorbonne University
occupation: journalist, essayist, political theorist, pornographic actor

Guillaume Faye (French: [faj]; 7 November 1949 – 7 March 2019) was a French journalist, writer, and advocate of identitarianism as part of the French New Right. Continuing the tradition of Martin Hiedegger, Faye was instrumental in positioning Islam as the nemesis of the western world. His various articles and books suggest an incoherence of ideology in post-war Europe and a quest for a nemesis necessary for the templative fascism to win support. Earlier in his career, anti-Semitism permeated his work; later on, Islam took the role, suggesting to some that Faye was merely a propagandist for hire.[1] Faye has also inspired emulations in translation, such as the American Jason Reza Jorjani, former editor of the alt-right "Arktos Media," who propagated a version of spiritualistic neo-nazism similar to Faye's "Archeofuturism" (1999) in his 2017 "World State of Emergency."
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