Jean-Baptiste Say cover

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Jean-Baptiste Say

French economist and businessman

1767   -   1832

country of citizenship: France
native language: French
language of expression: French
occupation: economist, writer, industrialist, journalist, translator

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Jean-Baptiste Say (French: [ʒãbatist sɛ]; 5 January 1767 – 15 November 1832) was a French economist and businessman who had liberal views and argued in favor of competition, free trade and lifting restraints on business. He is best known for Say's law—also known as the law of markets—which he popularized. Scholars disagree on the surprisingly subtle question of whether it was Say who first stated what is now called Say's law. Moreover, he was one of the first economists to study entrepreneurship and conceptualized entrepreneurs as organizers and leaders of the economy.
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Lettre inédite de Jean-Baptiste Say sur la Banque de France ( 1847 )

redactioneel artikel in Journal des Économistes

author: Jean-Baptiste Say

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