Toneri-shinnō cover

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son of emperor Temmu; father of emperor Junnin

676   -   735

country of citizenship: Japan
occupation: historian, writer

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Prince Toneri (舎人親王, Toneri shinnō) (January 28, 676 – December 6, 735) was a Japanese imperial prince in the Nara period. He was a son of Emperor Tenmu. He was given the posthumous name, Emperor Sudoujinkei (崇道尽敬皇帝, Sudōjinkei Kōtei), as the father of Emperor Junnin. In the beginning of the Nara period, he gained political power as a leader of the Imperial family together with Prince Nagaya. He supervised the compilation of the Nihon Shoki.
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Nihon Shoki

720 Book by Prince Toneri und Ō no Yasumaro

author: Toneri-shinnō, Ō no Yasumaro


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