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Giovanni Battista Ramusio

Venetian geographer and writer

1485   -   1557

country of citizenship: Republic of Venice
language of expression: Italian
occupation: writer, diplomat, geographer, historian, cartographer
position held: ambassador

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Giovanni Battista Ramusio (Italian pronunciation: [dʒoˈvanni batˈtista raˈmuːzjo]; July 20, 1485 – July 10, 1557) was an Italian geographer and travel writer. Born in Treviso, Italy, at that time in the Republic of Venice, Ramusio was the son of Paolo Ramusio, a magistrate of the Venetian city-state. In 1505 young Giovanni took a position as secretary to Alvise Mocenigo, then serving as the Republic's ambassador to France; he would spend the rest of his career in Venetian service, and died in Padua. He was keenly interested in geography, and his position ensured that he would receive news of all the latest discoveries from explorers around Europe as they were sent back to Venice. A learned man, fluent in several languages, he began to compile these documents and translated them into Italian, then the most widely understood of the European languages.
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Navigationi et viaggi

book by Giovan Battista Ramusio

author: Giovanni Battista Ramusio


Description of Africa

1550 book by Giovanni Battista Ramusio and Leo Africanus

author: Leo Africanus, Giovanni Battista Ramusio

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