Michael E. Arth cover

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Michael E. Arth

American artist

1953   -  

country of citizenship: United States of America
occupation: architect, artist

Michael E. Arth (born April 27, 1953) is an American polymath and author with expertise in public policy, politics, futurism, architecture, landscape design, urban design, construction, fine art, photography, and filmmaking.Arth is also a declared Democratic candidate in the 2020 United States presidential election. In an interview and on his campaign website, Arth states that he is a "reality-based" candidate who wants a social democracy that allows capitalism to “work for everyone.” He supports a Universal Basic Income that would ameliorate or solve problems related to unemployment, inequality, homelessness, reparations, student debt, and means-tested welfare. He advocates Medicare for All that works like the England’s National Health Service, which is about 60% cheaper per person than U.S. health care, with free or nearly free prescriptions, no co-pays, and no deductibles. He wants universal post-secondary education or retraining. In a chapter in Democracy and the Common Wealth, and in his feature documentary, End the War on Drugs, he calls for legalization, regulation, taxation and treatment to replace the War on Drugs (beginning with legalization of cannabis and any non-addictive entheogen).He proposes to end the two-party system, and the associated polarization, through a series of democratic reforms that includes Instant Runoff Voting for single member elections, Proportional Representation for Congress, campaign finance reform, staggered, 18-year term limits for the Supreme Court of the United States, and nullifying the Electoral College through a Constitutional Amendment, or with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. He believes that high fertility in poor countries is an overlooked component behind the rise of authoritarianism, nativism and future global warming. He proposes an “Eco-Initiative” to address the complex interplay of economics, poverty, fertility, energy, urban planning, and the environment. He also founded LOGOS, a public policy wiki, a model for governance based on facts and reason instead of ideology and politics. Arth previously ran for Governor of Florida in the 2010 election, which is well-documented in a book and feature film.
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