Luciano Bottaro

Italian comic book artist

1931   -   2006

country of citizenship: Italy, Kingdom of Italy
languages spoken, written or signed: Italian
occupation: comics artist, screenwriter
award received: Yellow Kid Award

Luciano Bottaro (16 November 1931 – 25 November 2006) was an Italian comic book artist. Bottaro's characteristic style is highly appreciated in Europe - many countries publish his comics (such as France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and in the former Yugoslavia, as well as such far flung sites as Argentina, Australia and Brazil). He was influenced by Otto Messmer's Felix the Cat, Winsor McCay's Little Nemo in Slumberland, Frederick Burr Opper's Happy Hooligan, Rudolph Dirks's the Katzenjammer Kids, and Barks and Gottfredson's Disney adaptations.
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