Zach Hughes

American writer

1928   -   2016

country of citizenship: United States of America
occupation: novelist, writer, science fiction writer

Hugh Zachary (January 12, 1928 - September 5, 2016) was an American novelist who has written science fiction novels under the pseudonyms Zach Hughes and Evan Innes (the latter for the America 2040 series). His other pseudonyms include Peter Kanto and Pablo Kane. He describes himself as "the most published, underpaid and most unknown writer in the U.S."Some of his novels appear to be set in a shared universe, one where Earth experiences a nuclear apocalypse shortly after launching a colonization fleet to settle new worlds among the stars.
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America 2040

book by Hugh Zachary

author: Zach Hughes


Gold star

author: Zach Hughes

Life Force

author: Zach Hughes

Treasure of hope

author: Zach Hughes

Tiger in the Stars

author: Zach Hughes

Deep freeze

author: Zach Hughes

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