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Abdurrahman Sharafkandi

Kurdish poet

1920   -   1991

genre: poetry
country of citizenship: Iran
language of expression: Kurdish languages, Persian
occupation: writer, poet, translator, journalist, linguist, lexicographer

This article is about the Kurdish poet. For the feature film Hejar, see Hejar.Abdurrahman Sharafkandi or Hazhar or Hajar, (Kurdish: Hejar‎, هه‌ژار; Persian: هژار‎ Hazhar) (April 13, 1921 – February 21, 1991), was a renowned Kurdish writer, poet, lexicographer, linguist, and translator, from Kurdistan. Some sources of Sharafkandi birthplace have been mentioned in the village of Sharafkand, which is a district of Bukan .He was also the brother of the late Kurdish politician Dr. Sadeq Sharafkandi (1938–1992). Dr. Sharafkandi was the second General Secretary of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (PDKI).
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Ferhenga Henbane Borîne

معجم من تأليف عبد الرحمن شرفكندي

author: Abdurrahman Sharafkandi


چێشتی مجێور

book by Abdurrahman Sharafkandi

author: Abdurrahman Sharafkandi

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