Silvio Ceccato

1914 - 1997

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

country of citizenship:  ItalyKingdom of Italy
languages spoken, written or signed:  Italian
educated at:  University of Milan
occupation:  linguistphilosopher

Silvio Ceccato (Montecchio Maggiore, Italy 25 January 1914 – Milan, 2 December 1997) was an Italian philosopher and linguist. Born in Montecchio Maggiore, he studied law and music. In 1949 he founded the international magazine Methodos, which was published until 1964. In 1956 he designed and built Adamo II, the first Italian prototype of artificial intelligence, which he had intended to reproduce man's mental states. Those same years he lectured on the philosophy of science at Milan University, where he directed the Cybernetics and Linguistic Studies Centre, until he went to IULM. In 1988, as an actor, Silvio Ceccato participated in the film "32 December" by Luciano De Crescenzo, interpreting the role of the insane Cavalier Sanfilippo who believed to be Socrates. In 1990, Silvio Ceccato presented a Catalogue of the Sarnano City Exhibition “Illuministi e Neoilluministi”.He later retired from the academic world and wrote books about happiness. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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