The House in Montevideo


The House in Montevideo (German: Das Haus in Montevideo) is a 1945 German comedy play by Curt Goetz. A strait-laced father of twelve discovers that his long-lost sister, who had been cast out of the family for having a child out of wedlock, has made a career as an opera singer in Montevideo in Uruguay, and has now died, leaving some real estate to his eldest daughter, but the bulk of her considerable fortune to any female in her brothers household, who will undergo "a tragedy similar to hers", that is, give birth to an illegitimate child. The play was staged in 1945 on Broadway as It's a Gift, starring Goetz and his wife. The story was based on a 1924 one-act play The Dead Aunt, which Goetz expanded and revised for the new work.
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