Batman: Dark Victory

Batman: Dark Victory is a 14-part American comic book limited series (including a #0 issue) published by DC Comics, featuring the superhero Batman. The series, which ran from 1999 until 2000, was written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Tim Sale, and it serves as a sequel to Batman: The Long Halloween. Batman: Dark Victory takes place primarily three to four years into Batman's career as a vigilante crimefighter. The plot centers on a series of murders involving Gotham City police officers by a mysterious serial killer only known as the Hangman. Central to the storyline is a territory war between Two-Face and the remnants of the Falcone mob, led by Sofia Falcone. The story is also a re-telling of the origins of Batman's sidekick Robin and his adoption by Bruce Wayne. The story brings closure to many characters introduced in Frank Miller's Batman: Year One. There is also a sequel, Robin: Year One, by Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty. In 2004, Loeb and Sale produced a follow-up titled Catwoman: When in Rome, focusing on Catwoman's movements in Italy. The story takes place during the events of Dark Victory, between Valentine's Day (when Catwoman leaves Gotham) and Labor Day.
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language: English
date of publication: 1999
characters: Batman, James Gordon, Sofia Falcone Gigante, Two-Face, Dick Grayson, Catwoman
follows: Batman: The Long Halloween
followed by: Batman: Year Two

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