Ricardo Flores Magón cover

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Ricardo Flores Magón

Mexican anarchist and social reform activist

1873   -   1922

country of citizenship: Mexico
native language: Spanish
languages spoken, written or signed: English, Spanish
educated at: Faculty of Law, National Autonomous University of Mexico
occupation: journalist, writer, trade unionist, anarchist, military personnel, politician, philosopher

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Cipriano Ricardo Flores Magón (Spanish pronunciation: [riˈkaɾðo ˈfloɾes maˈɣon], known as Ricardo Flores Magón; September 16, 1874 – November 21, 1922) was a noted Mexican anarchist and social reform activist. His brothers Enrique and Jesús were also active in politics. Followers of the Flores Magón brothers were known as Magonistas. He has been considered an important participant in the social movement that sparked the Mexican Revolution.
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