Dr. K.N.Modi University

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Dr. K. N. Modi University is located in Newai, Tonk District, Rajasthan, India. The sprawling 42 acre university campus has been conceived as an international standard facility, beginning with its impressive environment friendly profile. It has been specially designed for local climate conditions. An intelligent building starts with an environmentally friendly design. Keeping this in mind we created a project that is environmental friendly and energy efficient. Intelligent buildings are designed for long term sustainability and minimal environmental impact through the selection of recycled and recyclable materials, construction, maintenance and operations procedures. Eco-friendly fly ash bricks have been used to boost thermal insulation and cut energy requirements. Providing the ability to integrate building controls, optimize operations, and enterprise level management results in a significant enhancement in energy efficiency, lowering both cost and energy usage compared to non-intelligent projects. Intelligent buildings are intended to be the preferred environment for occupants. An intelligent design finds the balance, providing a superior indoor environment and minimizing energy usage and operating labor. This is where the technology becomes valuable. Using integration and automation we are able to implement solutions that both provide a superior environment and minimize energy. The periphery around the campus has a green buffer of heavy plantation, which filters out dust and noise from the vicinity and helps in maintaining pleasant surroundings. Rainwater harvesting system has been adopted. Waste water is recycled for horticultural needs. Solar energy panels supplement power generation; provide hot water in winters and street light at night. An in-house sub-station is operational.
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