George Holland Sabine

1880 - 1961
country of citizenship:  United States of America
languages spoken, written or signed:  English
educated at:  Cornell University

George Holland Sabine (9 December 1880 – 18 January 1961), popularly known as Sabine, was a professor of philosophy, dean of the graduate school and vice president of Cornell University. He is best known for his authoritative work A History of Political Theory, which traces the growth of political thought from the times of Plato to modern fascism and nazism. George Sabine was also a carpenter, a blacksmith, a cook, and a gardener. He also collected lithographs and etchings. In his review of A History of Political Theory, Leland Jenks noted, "Sabine is the only textbook writer who is abreast of recent Rousseau scholarship, as represented by Hoffding, Lanson, Cassirer, and Hendel." Source: Wikipedia (en)


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