György Lukács

Marxist philosopher and literary critic

1885   -   1971

country of citizenship: Hungary
educated at: Humboldt University of Berlin, Eötvös Loránd University
occupation: philosopher, politician, writer, university teacher, sociologist, literary critic
award received: Kossuth Prize, Goethe Prize
position held: member of the National Assembly of Hungary, culture minister

György Lukács (also Georg Lukács; born György Bernát Löwinger; 13 April 1885 – 4 June 1971) was a Hungarian Marxist philosopher, aesthetician, literary historian, and critic. He was one of the founders of Western Marxism, an interpretive tradition that departed from the Marxist ideological orthodoxy of the Soviet Union. He developed the theory of reification, and contributed to Marxist theory with developments of Karl Marx's theory of class consciousness. He was also a philosopher of Leninism. He ideologically developed and organised Lenin's pragmatic revolutionary practices into the formal philosophy of vanguard-party revolution. As a literary critic Lukács was especially influential, because of his theoretical developments of realism and of the novel as a literary genre. In 1919, he was appointed the Hungarian Minister of Culture of the government of the short-lived Hungarian Soviet Republic (March–August 1919).Lukács has been described as the preeminent Marxist intellectual of the Stalinist era, though assessing his legacy can be difficult as Lukács seemed both to support Stalinism as the embodiment of Marxist thought, and yet also to champion a return to pre-Stalinist Marxism.
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History and Class Consciousness

book by György Lukács

author: György Lukács


Realism in the Balance

boek van Georg Lukács

author: György Lukács

Soul and Form

book by Georg Lukács

author: György Lukács

The Young Hegel

book by Georg Lukács

author: György Lukács

Existentialisme ou Marxisme ?

book by Georg Lukács

author: György Lukács


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