Jakob Voss cover

photo credits: JakobVoss - CC-BY-SA-4.0

Jakob Voss

German software developer and information scientist

2000   -  

country of citizenship: Germany
native language: German
educated at: Humboldt University of Berlin, Chemnitz University of Technology
occupation: software developer, information scientist, Vertretungsprofessor, library technician
position held: mentorship
influenced by: Ted Nelson

German software developer and information scientist



Revealing Digital Documents ( 2011 )

wetenschappelijk artikel

author: Jakob Voss

Collaborative thesaurus tagging the Wikipedia way ( 2006 )

scientific article

author: Jakob Voss

Encoding changing country codes for the Semantic Web with ISO 3166 and SKOS ( 2008 )

scientific article (publication date: 25 January 2008)

author: Jakob Voss

Webplattform für die Bearbeitung,Publikation und Langzeitarchivierung von regionalwissenschaftlichenForschungsdaten (LaZAR) ( 2017 )

scientific article published in 2017

author: Elguǰa Dadunašvili, Jakob Voss

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