W. D. Hamilton

British evolutionary biologist (1936-2000)

1936   -   2000

country of citizenship: United Kingdom
native language: English
educated at: London School of Economics, University College London, St John's College, Tonbridge School
occupation: evolutionary biologist, geneticist, sociobiologist, zoologist
award received: Darwin Medal, Newcomb Cleveland Prize, Linnean Medal, Sewall Wright Award, Frink Medal, International Prize by Fyssen Foundation, Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences, Kyoto Prize, Crafoord Prize in Biosciences, Tinbergen Lecture

William Donald Hamilton, FRS (1 August 1936 – 7 March 2000) was an English evolutionary biologist, widely recognised as one of the most significant evolutionary theorists of the 20th century.Hamilton became famous through his theoretical work expounding a rigorous genetic basis for the existence of altruism, an insight that was a key part of the development of a gene-centric view of evolution. He is considered one of the forerunners of sociobiology. Hamilton also published important work on sex ratios and the evolution of sex. From 1984 to his death in 2000, he was a Royal Society Research Professor at Oxford University.
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Chimeric plant virus particles administered nasally or orally induce systemic and mucosal immune responses in mice. ( 1999 )

scientific article

author: W. D. Hamilton F R Brennan, T Bellaby, S M Helliwell, T D Jones, S Kamstrup, K Dalsgaard, J I Flock

The Genetical Evolution of Social Behaviour

scientific article

author: W. D. Hamilton

Extraordinary Sex Ratios ( 1967 )

scientific article

author: W. D. Hamilton

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