Old Kingdom

date of publication:  1995

The Old Kingdom, or Abhorsen in North America, is a fantasy series written by Australian author Garth Nix. It originated in 1995 with the novel Sabriel and has continued in the novels Lirael (2001), Abhorsen (2003) and Goldenhand (2016). The series has continued with the prequel novel Clariel (2014) and the latest installment of the series, Terciel & Elinor, was released in November 2021. The Old Kingdom also consists of the novella The Creature in the Case (2005) and other short fiction.In Australia an omnibus edition comprising three novels and one novella was titled The Old Kingdom Chronicles. Omnibus editions in the U.S. have been titled The Abhorsen Trilogy (2003) and The Abhorsen Chronicles (2009). ISFDB catalogues the entire continuing series as "The Old Kingdom / Abhorsen". Source: Wikipedia (en)

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