Year Hare Affair

first publication date:  2011-06-13
original language:  Chinese

Year Hare Affair (Chinese: 那年那兔那些事(儿); lit. 'Those stories of that rabbit that happened in those years') is a Chinese webcomic and media franchise by Lin Chao (林超), initially under the pen name "逆光飞行" (Pinyin: Nìguāng Fēixíng, lit. "flight against the light"). The comic uses anthropomorphic animals as an allegory for nations and sovereign states to represent 20th and 21st century political, military, and diplomatic events. An animated adaptation of the series started airing in Douban in March 2015 and a free-to-play strategy video game based on it was released on iOS and Android in July 2015. Source: Wikipedia (en)

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