In the Forests of the Night

data pierwszej publikacji:  1999
tytuł oryginalny:  In the Forests of the Night
język oryginału:  język angielski
następca:  Demon in My View

In the Forests of the Night is a vampire novel written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, and published in 1999. It was originally entitled White Wine. Atwater-Rhodes wrote it at the age of thirteen, but it was published on May 11, 1999, about a month after she turned fifteen. It is the first novel in the Den of Shadows series. It tells the story of a three-hundred-year-old vampire named Risika and her struggles throughout her life, both before and after she was turned into a vampire. The novel is told in first-person narrative by the protagonist, Risika. It was well-received by critics. The title refers William Blake's poem "The Tyger", which appears at the beginning of the book. Atwater-Rhodes' second book, Demon in My View, was published in 2000 when the author was 16 and is the sequel to In the Forests of the Night. Persistence of Memory, published in 2008, makes mention and features an appearance of the main character's brother. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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