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Carlo Goldoni

Italian playwright and librettist

1707   -   1794 or 1793

country of citizenship: Republic of Venice, Kingdom of France, Kingdom of France, French First Republic
language of expression: Venetian, Italian, French
educated at: University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, University of Padua, University of Pavia
occupation: playwright, writer, librettist, screenwriter, translator, poet lawyer, author

Carlo Osvaldo Goldoni (, also US: , Italian: [ˈkarlo oˈzvaldo ɡolˈdoːni]; 25 February 1707 – 6 February 1793) was an Italian playwright and librettist from the Republic of Venice. His works include some of Italy's most famous and best-loved plays. Audiences have admired the plays of Goldoni for their ingenious mix of wit and honesty. His plays offered his contemporaries images of themselves, often dramatizing the lives, values, and conflicts of the emerging middle classes. Though he wrote in French and Italian, his plays make rich use of the Venetian language, regional vernacular, and colloquialisms. Goldoni also wrote under the pen name and title Polisseno Fegeio, Pastor Arcade, which he claimed in his memoirs the "Arcadians of Rome" bestowed on him.One of his best known works is the comic play Servant of Two Masters, which has been translated and adapted internationally numerous times. In 1966 it was adapted into an opera buffa by the American composer Vittorio Giannini. In 2011, Richard Bean adapted the play for the National Theatre of Great Britain as One Man, Two Guvnors. Its popularity led to a transfer to the West End and in 2012 to Broadway.
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La bottega del caffè

1750 Play written by Carlo Goldoni

author: Carlo Goldoni


The Mistress of the Inn

Play by Carlo Goldoni

author: Carlo Goldoni


L'Amant militaire

play written by Carlo Goldoni

author: Carlo Goldoni

The Fan

play written by Carlo Goldoni

author: Carlo Goldoni

The Antiquarian's Family

play written by Carlo Goldoni

author: Carlo Goldoni

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