The Coon Rolled Down and Ruptured His Larinks, A Squeezed Novel by Mr. Skunk


"The Coon Rolled Down and Ruptured his Larinks, a Squeezed Novel by Mr. Skunk" is a 1990 science fiction novelette by American writer Dafydd ab Hugh. It was originally published in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine in August 1990, and subsequently republished in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Eighth Annual Collection (edited by Gardner Dozois), in "Best New SF 5" (also edited by Dozois), and in Nebula Awards 26 (edited by James K. Morrow). The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where all animals have acquired human-level intelligence and the ability to speak – and all humans have become intellectually disabled. The title is a reference to the Xhosa language tongue twister, "Iqaqa laziqikaqika kwaze kwaqhawaka uqhoqhoqha" (translated: "The skunk rolled down and ruptured its larynx").
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date of publication: 1990

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