Circle of Heroes

first publication date:  2012
genre:  novel
part of the series:  The Familiars
series ordinal:  3
original title:  Circle of Heroes
original language:  English

Human magic in Vastia is still gone, and as the familiars begin their journey to find the seven animals needed to summon the Shifting Fortress, an army of the Dead besieges the city of Bridgetower, destroying the first of three glyph stones, the only places where the Shifting Fortress can be called from. They escape, but are forced to leave the bounty hunter, Grimslade, behind. The familiars retain the map he made to find the animals, however, and use it to start their journey, leaving their loyals, Jack, Marianne, and Dalton, in the cellar of Stone Runlet to keep them safe. Source: OpenLibrary

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Work - wd:Q17638326

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