Kōbō Abe cover

photo credits: Wikimedia Commons

Kōbō Abe

Japanese writer, playwright, photographer and inventor

1924   -   1993

genre: absurdist literature
country of citizenship: Empire of Japan, Japan
native language: Japanese
languages spoken, written or signed: Japanese
educated at: University of Tokyo
occupation: writer, novelist, playwright, photographer, screenwriter, science fiction writer, author, poet, film director
award received: Akutagawa Prize, Tanizaki Prize, AAAS Fellow

Kōbō Abe (安部 公房, Abe Kōbō), pen name of Kimifusa Abe (安部 公房, Abe Kimifusa, March 7, 1924 – January 22, 1993), was a Japanese writer, playwright, musician, photographer, and inventor. He is best known for his 1962 novel The Woman in the Dunes that was made into an award-winning film by Hiroshi Teshigahara in 1964. Abe has been often compared to Franz Kafka and Alberto Moravia for his modernist sensibilities and his surreal, often nightmarish explorations of individuals in contemporary society.
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