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Antonin Artaud

French-Occitanian poet, playwright, actor and theatre director (1896-1948)

1896   -   1948

genre: drama, essay
country of citizenship: France
native language: French
language of expression: French
occupation: playwright, actor, poet, film critic, writer, essayist, screenwriter, painter, stage actor, film actor, author, prosaist, film director, director, comedy writer

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Antoine Marie Joseph Paul Artaud, better known as Antonin Artaud (pronounced [ɑ̃tɔnɛ̃ aʁto]; 4 September 1896 – 4 March 1948), was a French writer, poet, dramatist, visual artist, essayist, actor and theatre director, widely recognized as one of the major figures of twentieth-century theatre and the European avant-garde, and known for his raw, surreal and transgressive themes. He conceptualized the Theatre of Cruelty movement with essays and plays, and wrote experimental texts with themes of introspection, mysticism, drug use, unorthodox politics and his experiences with schizophrenia.
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The Theatre and its Double

book by Antonin Artaud

author: Antonin Artaud


L'Ombilic des limbes

Antonin Artaud - Fiche de lecture; Il faut se figurer, d'un siècle l'autre, ce que représenta la parution de L'Ombilic des limbes dans la prestigieuse collection Une œuvre, un portrait des éditions de La Nouvelle Revue française , accompagn

author: Antonin Artaud

Jet of Blood

play written by Antonin Artaud

author: Antonin Artaud

Artaud le Mômo

œuvre d'Antonin Artaud

author: Antonin Artaud


author: Antonin Artaud

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