PK - Paperinik New Adventures (PKNA) is an Italian comic, published by Disney Italy from 14 March 1996 to 20 December 2000, about the new adventures of Paperinik, the superhero created in 1969 by Guido Martina, Elisa Penna and Giovan Battista Carpi, which served as Donald Duck's secret identity.The first issue of the series was called Evroniani, and featured Paperinik's new alien enemies, the Evronians. Introduced in the same issue were Paperinik's two new allies, the A.I. Uno (One), who resides in the skyscraper Ducklair Tower, and Lyla Lay, a journalist and robot utilized by a time police organization based in the 23rd century. The series was extremely well received at the beginning of its run, and saluted as an unexpectedly innovative project for Disney. In 2016, IDW Publishing announced plans to start publishing an official English translation of the series written by Jonathan Gray under the title "Duck Avenger".
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original title: PKNA - Paperinik New Adventures
language: Italian


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