Grigori Gorin

Russian writer

1940   -   2000

genre: satire
country of citizenship: Soviet Union, Russia
native language: Russian
languages spoken, written or signed: Russian
educated at: I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
occupation: writer, playwright, screenwriter, presenter, satirist, opinion journalist, television presenter, humorist
award received: Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, State Prize of the Russian Federation

Grigori Gorin (Russian: Григо́рий Го́рин), real name Grigori Israilevich Ofshtein (Russian: Григо́рий Изра́илевич Офштейн; March 12, 1940, Moscow — June 15, 2000, Moscow) was a Soviet and Russian playwright and writer of Jewish descent. Gorin is particularly credited with scripts for several plays and films, which are regarded as important element of cultural reaction to the Era of Stagnation and perestroika in Soviet history.
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