Gerald Dunning


1905   -   1978

country of citizenship: United Kingdom
educated at: University College London, Shoreham College, Bedford Modern School
occupation: archaeologist
award received: Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries

Gerald Clough Dunning (20 December 1905 – 16 April 1978) was a pioneering scholar in the development of medieval British archaeology. His most significant contribution was in the study of post-Conquest pottery; he was largely responsible for establishing the first chronological framework by which different types of English ceramics could be dated. His work has been described as 'visionary' and 'seminal'. It has been noted that Dunning didn't achieve the profile of some of his peers due to the fact that he didn't write a text-book on either medieval pottery in particular or on medieval archaeology in general, but concentrated on writing articles for academic journals and encouraged the research interests of others, however John Hurst argued that, '...we should regard Gerald Dunning as the main founding father of medieval archaeology as we know it today in the last quarter of the 20th Century'.
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Notes and News ( 1961 )

scientific article published on January 1961

author: Janet Bately, Michael W. Thompson, David M. Wilson, Vera I. Evison, Gerald Dunning, George C. Boon

Notes and News ( 1966 )

scientific article published on January 1966

author: Michael W. Thompson, Gerald Dunning, David M. Wilson, Vera I. Evison, B. J. N. Edwards

IV.—The Palace of Westminster Sword ( 1961 )

scientific article published in January 1961

author: Gerald Dunning, Vera I. Evison

Wooden buckets ( 1974 )

article published in 1974

author: Lawrence Butler, Gerald Dunning

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