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New Zealand Forest Research Institute

New Zealand research institute

Scion, a company officially registered as New Zealand Forest Research Institute Limited, is a New Zealand Crown Research Institute (CRI). Scion specialises in research, science and technology development for the forestry, wood product, wood-derived materials, and other biomaterial sectors. Scion is the lead CRI in Sustainable forest management and tree improvement. Forestry biosecurity, risk management and mitigation. Wood processing, wood-related bioenergy, waste streams and other biomaterials. Forestry and forestry-based ecosystem services to inform land-use decision making.Scion collaborates with other research providers and end-users to develop: Land-based biosecurity, soil and freshwater management. Climate change adaptation and mitigation. Indigenous forestry. Industrial biotechnology and high-value manufacturing.Scion makes its plant collection data available online as part of the Australasian Virtual Herbarium.The name “scion” refers to a cutting or shoot used to form a graft.2It is wholly owned by the New Zealand government and constituted as a limited liability company under the New Zealand Companies Act 1993.
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