Beau Sabreur


Beau Sabreur is a 1926 novel by P. C. Wren. It was the first sequel to his 1924 novel Beau Geste and was turned into a film in 1928. It focuses on the adventures of Major Henri De Beaujolais from adolescence to maturity, an officer in the French Army who through the years is attached to different units but mainly an Officer of Spahis and a member of the French Secret Service. It can be said that it is the "French" novel of the trilogy (or know as a trilogy if you do not take account of the books "Good Gestes" and "Spanish Maine") as "Beau Geste" is the British one and "Beau Ideal" the American one. The plot presents de dichotomy between love for your country and the love of a woman (In "Beau Geste" it was the love for "doing the decent thing"...) Highly romantic tale the characters (and it has plenty of excellent secondaries) are really stretched to their romanticized limits, but it works. Even the recurrent enemy of Bojolly (who of course has an English mother is an old Etonian and made "acceptable" as a gentleman as such) is believable and a constant lifelong fight. French North Africa best novel of the first part of the XXth Century. The main character featured briefly at the beginning of the novel Beau Geste.The New York Times complained about the "preposterous plot and inconceivable characters."The original title was Who Rideth Alone.
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language: English
date of publication: 1926
follows: Beau Geste


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