Roger Ling

archaeologist and art historian

1942   -  

country of citizenship: United Kingdom
educated at: University of Cambridge
occupation: university teacher, classical archaeologist, art historian, classical scholar

archaeologist and art historian



Mosaics in Roman Britain: Discoveries and Research since 1945 ( 1997 )

scientific article published in 1997

author: Roger Ling

Excavations at Loughor, Glamorgan: the north-east and south-east angles of the Roman fort ( 1973 )

article published in 1973

author: Roger Ling L. Ling

The Seasons in Romano-British Mosaic Pavements ( 1983 )

scientific article published in 1983

author: Roger Ling

The Kingscote Wall-Paintings ( 1981 )

wetenschappelijk artikel

author: Roger Ling E. J. Swain, Alix Barbet

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