Robert Wilson

1957 -
genre:  crime novel
country of citizenship:  United Kingdom
languages spoken, written or signed:  English
educated at:  University of Oxford
occupation:  novelist

Robert Wilson (born 1957) is a British crime writer currently resident in Portugal. He is the son of an RAF fighter pilot, and has a degree in English from Oxford. Wilson is the author of the Bruce Medway series, set in and around Benin, West Africa, and the Javier Falcón series, set largely in Seville, Spain. He is also the author of the espionage novel The Company of Strangers and A Small Death In Lisbon, which consists of a historically split narrative, and won the CWA Gold Dagger in 1999. He was shortlisted for the same award again in 2003 for The Blind Man of Seville, the first in the Javier Falcón series. The second novel in the series, The Silent and the Damned (titled: The Vanished Hands in the United States), won the 2006 Gumshoe Award for Best European Crime Novel, presented by Mystery Ink. The Javier Falcón series has been adapted for Sky television by Mammoth Screen titled Falcón with Marton Csokas in the title role. Source: Wikipedia (en)


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